Slim Down Detox Kit

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Detox Bundle complete w/ Meal Plan. Flush the gut, slim the waistline and jump start weight loss!
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Give your Gut the JUMP START it needs! This 14 Day Flush is just what you need to get rid of excess water weight and bloating.

Blend of herbs that assist the body's natural detoxification processes. Supports blood, liver, colon and kidney detoxification.

Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Burdock Root, Chlorella Powder, Rose Hips, Slippery Elm, Nettle, Hibiscus, Turmeric, Ginger

Give your Body Systems a break from the foods that cause imbalance. Use this time to learn and listen to your body.


2 weeks supply detox tea (approx. 14-16 tsps)


Tape Measure

Meal Plan (via email)

Welcome Video (via email)

For educational purposes only. Please consult with your physician before participating in a detox program if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medications or have any known allergies.

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