If you don’t know where to start…. Start Here.

Written on 11/09/2021

If you don’t know where to start.. Start here.


Sisterhood… when it comes to health, are you all over the place? Commercials, tik-toks, fad-diets and influencers leaving you uninspired, overwhelmed and confused? 

I got you. The first thing I need you to do is pause. Too much information all at once can overload your brain. Secondly, If you don’t yet have a coach, instructor or nutritionist on deck, I need you to look into it. ASAP. Get your health in order at all costs, and don’t be afraid of the investment. Keep looking until you find your fit. An expert who not only guides and supports you, but also encourages you to listen to your body. No more cookie cutters. This journey should feel personal.

In the meantime…


Check out my Top 5  tips to jump start your weight loss journey. No fads needed.


1) But first, hydrate:

  • That’s right. A healthy body is a well hydrated body. Up to 60% of the adult body is made of water.

  • Water helps you digest food, eliminate waste and maintain optimal performance from every single organ and cell in the body. Want to think more clearly? hydrate. Want to lose belly fat? hydrate. Want more energy? hydrate.

  • Want to lower blood pressure? hydrate. You get the picture. Drink up!  No days off.

2) Eat your vegetables:

  • Greens anyone? While a diet high in colorful vegetables is always a win, be sure to focus on the GREEN.

  • 2 cups of leafy greens a day, lowers your risk of high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. From juicing, to smoothies, to raw or roasted, find what works best for you and get to it.

  • Eat up! No days off.


3) Move it or lose it:

  • The body needs movement. Every single day. The body needs fresh air and sunlight. Every single day. If you’ve been sitting longer than 30 minutes, it’s time to stand up. If you haven’t been outside today, let’s change that. 20 minutes of movement a day, and 20 minutes of fresh air can save your life. If you are privileged enough to live in a space where fresh air and sunlight are safely and readily available, don’t take it for granted. 

  • Inactivity in the U.S. combined with more time spent indoors, now contributes to the same number of deaths each year as smoking. Extended periods of sitting raises blood pressure, increases the risk of weight gain and raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Lack of sunlight and fresh air lowers our sense of optimism, motivation and happiness. 

    Don’t find time, make time.

    Get moving. No days off.

4) Citrus fruits understood the assignment:

  • Before you ask, yes all fruits benefit the body. Keep a wide variety in your daily routine. Citrus fruits however, serve an even greater purpose, and deserve a solo mention.

  • From grapefruits, to lemons to limes, citrus fruits are high in fiber, high in essential vitamins and low in calories. 

  • Furthermore, the alkaline effect of citrus fruits helps to restore PH levels in the body, benefiting the immune system.

  • According to healthline.com, eating citrus fruits may also help lower the risk of kidney stones in some people by raising citrate levels in urine. If you’re currently taking medications, check with your health care provider first about possible interactions before increasing grapefruit intake.

For more reasons to eat citrus fruits, visit https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/citrus-fruit-benefits


5) Go to sleep:

  • With more time spent indoors, plus an increase in social media usage, getting a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by these days. Unfortunately, staying up past your bedtime might be getting in the way of weight loss, stress management and heart health.

  • Quality sleep allows the mind and body to properly recharge each night.

  • Between 10pm and 2am, melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone is at its highest. Better sleep equals better mood.

  • Better sleep equals stronger immune system. Better sleep equals better performance. Herbal tea is a great addition to your nighttime routine. Not only for the immune system benefits, but also for the sleep inducing properties of herbs such as chamomile and lavender.



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  •  A good start would be turning off all devices and letting the brain calm down. Be intentional. 

For more great tips, check out bestselling author Shawn Stevenson’s guide to Sleep Smarter. https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B019G14UQI&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_VF7NTCGP9XPG28TS1T3H



When it comes to health, there are no quick fixes. Get back to the basics and stay there. You’ll get much further.

If you are currently in need of  Stress Freedom or Body Restoration, let’s connect. 



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