Top 5 Herbs for a Stress Free Digestive System

Written on 03/08/2022

Top 5 Herbs for a Stress Free Digestive System

We’ve all heard the phrase trust your gut, but did you know there was science-based truth to back it up?

That’s right, studies show the brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines. Common emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger and joy can all trigger symptoms in the gut. Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach during a pleasant encounter, or had a gut wrenching feeling in a moment of distress? Whether positive or negative, our emotions and stress levels send signals directly to the gastrointestinal system. Common stress related gut problems such as IBS, indigestion, heartburn or constipation can be significantly improved with the incorporation of herbs, spices and gut-friendly foods.

Check out my short list of power house herbs that most people already have in their kitchen.

Finding easy, quick and convenient ways to add them into your everyday life can be as simple as boiling a pot of water.

Studies show that people who become regular herbal tea drinkers have longer life expectancy, have lower blood pressure and show less signs of stress related gut imbalance. 


Peppermint: Cooling and relaxing to the digestive system while also providing relief from cramping and  spasms in the gut.



Ginger: Warming and calming to the digestive system while also providing anti-nausea benefits.


Turmeric: Provides not only bloating relief, but also serves as a very powerful anti-inflammatory.


Fennel: Another herb providing relief from bloating, as well as stimulating the liver and improving appetite.


Cinnamon: Helps to increase the secretion of digestive fluids which not only helps the body digest food, but also helps to absorb the nutrients from the food.





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