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Detox Essentials

5 Reasons Whole Foods Detoxing Is The Key To Longevity, Sustained Weight Loss & Happiness.


What detoxing is:

In short, detoxification means to cleanse the blood. Good news, the body is already equipped with an amazing detox system led by the liver, kidney, intestines, lungs and lymphatic system.

Here’s the catch:

In order for these systems to operate at the highest level, they need your help. Whole foods detoxing serves to assist the body in its natural processes by consuming the foods most supportive of waste and toxin elimination, while avoiding the foods  and chemicals that interrupt or further harm the process.


5 Reasons To Make Detoxing A Lifestyle:

Weight Management: By eliminating low-nutrition foods from your diet during a specific detox cycle, and replacing them with more nourishing ones, it gives the body systems a chance to rest, reset and function in a way that best supports the future of your overall weight loss and health goals.   

Blood Purification: Impurities in the blood can cause allergies, headaches, poor blood circulation and other dysfunctions. Natural blood purifiers such as water, herbal tea, lemons, beets, garlic and cruciferous vegetables work together alongside the elimination organs to greatly reduce or prevent those outcomes. 

Liver Function: Assisting the liver in its natural detox process can help to increase energy, enhance mood, prevent chronic disease and increase life expectancy.

Immunity: Maintaining a diet and lifestyle that centers around organic detoxification foods and daily activity helps to strengthen immune function and protect the body from more serious outcomes related to cold, flu or virus contraction.

Regularity: The kidneys and intestines thrive most in an environment that is free from low-nutrient foods, environmental toxins and inactivity. Providing your body with detoxifying foods, drinks and behaviors on a regular basis helps to protect the body from chronic gut dysfunction, constipation, bloating and hormone imbalances. 


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Cheers to me joining the 40’s club!

What better way to commemorate the occasion. 

For many women, myself included, turning 40 involves a lot of reflecting and reminiscing. While so many moments remind us of how much we’ve grown, improved or thrived in all areas of life, some moments leave us with regret.

The majority of women over 40 say they regret not prioritizing their health sooner. If you fall into that category, chances are you spent most of those years tending to others or pursuing your own career or life goals, while pushing health practices further down on the to-do list. Well good news! It’s never too late to start pursuing or prioritizing your health. The right time is always right now.



When it comes to my top 8, how do you measure up?

You deserve the very best of your mind, body and spirit at any age. Now let’s get it!







Top 5 Herbs for a Stress Free Digestive System

Top 5 Herbs for a Stress Free Digestive System

We’ve all heard the phrase trust your gut, but did you know there was science-based truth to back it up?

That’s right, studies show the brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines. Common emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger and joy can all trigger symptoms in the gut. Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach during a pleasant encounter, or had a gut wrenching feeling in a moment of distress? Whether positive or negative, our emotions and stress levels send signals directly to the gastrointestinal system. Common stress related gut problems such as IBS, indigestion, heartburn or constipation can be significantly improved with the incorporation of herbs, spices and gut-friendly foods.

Check out my short list of power house herbs that most people already have in their kitchen.

Finding easy, quick and convenient ways to add them into your everyday life can be as simple as boiling a pot of water.

Studies show that people who become regular herbal tea drinkers have longer life expectancy, have lower blood pressure and show less signs of stress related gut imbalance. 


Peppermint: Cooling and relaxing to the digestive system while also providing relief from cramping and  spasms in the gut.



Ginger: Warming and calming to the digestive system while also providing anti-nausea benefits.


Turmeric: Provides not only bloating relief, but also serves as a very powerful anti-inflammatory.


Fennel: Another herb providing relief from bloating, as well as stimulating the liver and improving appetite.


Cinnamon: Helps to increase the secretion of digestive fluids which not only helps the body digest food, but also helps to absorb the nutrients from the food.





Drink Up


If you don’t know where to start…. Start Here.

If you don’t know where to start.. Start here.


Sisterhood… when it comes to health, are you all over the place? Commercials, tik-toks, fad-diets and influencers leaving you uninspired, overwhelmed and confused? 

I got you. The first thing I need you to do is pause. Too much information all at once can overload your brain. Secondly, If you don’t yet have a coach, instructor or nutritionist on deck, I need you to look into it. ASAP. Get your health in order at all costs, and don’t be afraid of the investment. Keep looking until you find your fit. An expert who not only guides and supports you, but also encourages you to listen to your body. No more cookie cutters. This journey should feel personal.

In the meantime…


Check out my Top 5  tips to jump start your weight loss journey. No fads needed.


1) But first, hydrate:

  • That’s right. A healthy body is a well hydrated body. Up to 60% of the adult body is made of water.

  • Water helps you digest food, eliminate waste and maintain optimal performance from every single organ and cell in the body. Want to think more clearly? hydrate. Want to lose belly fat? hydrate. Want more energy? hydrate.

  • Want to lower blood pressure? hydrate. You get the picture. Drink up!  No days off.

2) Eat your vegetables:

  • Greens anyone? While a diet high in colorful vegetables is always a win, be sure to focus on the GREEN.

  • 2 cups of leafy greens a day, lowers your risk of high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. From juicing, to smoothies, to raw or roasted, find what works best for you and get to it.

  • Eat up! No days off.


3) Move it or lose it:

  • The body needs movement. Every single day. The body needs fresh air and sunlight. Every single day. If you’ve been sitting longer than 30 minutes, it’s time to stand up. If you haven’t been outside today, let’s change that. 20 minutes of movement a day, and 20 minutes of fresh air can save your life. If you are privileged enough to live in a space where fresh air and sunlight are safely and readily available, don’t take it for granted. 

  • Inactivity in the U.S. combined with more time spent indoors, now contributes to the same number of deaths each year as smoking. Extended periods of sitting raises blood pressure, increases the risk of weight gain and raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Lack of sunlight and fresh air lowers our sense of optimism, motivation and happiness. 

    Don’t find time, make time.

    Get moving. No days off.

4) Citrus fruits understood the assignment:

  • Before you ask, yes all fruits benefit the body. Keep a wide variety in your daily routine. Citrus fruits however, serve an even greater purpose, and deserve a solo mention.

  • From grapefruits, to lemons to limes, citrus fruits are high in fiber, high in essential vitamins and low in calories. 

  • Furthermore, the alkaline effect of citrus fruits helps to restore PH levels in the body, benefiting the immune system.

  • According to, eating citrus fruits may also help lower the risk of kidney stones in some people by raising citrate levels in urine. If you’re currently taking medications, check with your health care provider first about possible interactions before increasing grapefruit intake.

For more reasons to eat citrus fruits, visit


5) Go to sleep:

  • With more time spent indoors, plus an increase in social media usage, getting a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by these days. Unfortunately, staying up past your bedtime might be getting in the way of weight loss, stress management and heart health.

  • Quality sleep allows the mind and body to properly recharge each night.

  • Between 10pm and 2am, melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone is at its highest. Better sleep equals better mood.

  • Better sleep equals stronger immune system. Better sleep equals better performance. Herbal tea is a great addition to your nighttime routine. Not only for the immune system benefits, but also for the sleep inducing properties of herbs such as chamomile and lavender.



Use Code: SLEEP15 for 15% off Sleep Aid Herbal Blend


  •  A good start would be turning off all devices and letting the brain calm down. Be intentional. 

For more great tips, check out bestselling author Shawn Stevenson’s guide to Sleep Smarter.



When it comes to health, there are no quick fixes. Get back to the basics and stay there. You’ll get much further.

If you are currently in need of  Stress Freedom or Body Restoration, let’s connect.


Talk Soon,

3 Ways to De-Stress your Home for the Fall.

3 Ways to De-Stress your Home for the Fall.

…As the holiday season approaches, so does the potential for longer work days, more zoom calls, ongoing pandemic uncertainty, increased risk for cold and flu, unrealistic family exceptions and the financial pressures of gift giving.

Stress isn’t going anywhere, but how we respond and prepare for stressful situations can make all the difference. 

When it comes to de-stressing the home, these are my top 3:


1) De-clutter: 

 That’s right. Clutter distracts us from clarity. Clutter disrupts feelings of calm. Not just in the home, but any space we occupy. Including our own bodies. Our brain naturally responds to clutter as chaos. Adopting a mindset of tidiness not only brings stress relief to your home life, but also to your health and wellness journey. De-clutter your refrigerator, counter tops and pantry, and watch your eating habits improve. De-clutter your office space and watch productivity improve. With so many stressors that are out of our control, starting with the ones we’re in control of gets us much closer to relief.

Studies show that people who describe their house as cluttered, tend to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

One drawer at a time. One room at a time. 
 If you can’t do it alone, check out this list of online clutter coaches ready and available to assist.



2) House Plants:

Indoor plants not only enhance the vibe and decor of any space, but they also improve your mood and outlook on life. During the Fall and Winter months, when people tend to spend more time inside, house plants also bring the health benefits of improving air quality and removing air pollutants. For a more therapeutic approach, indoor gardening can bring even more relief to stress, anxiety and depression. 


A study published in the journal of Physiological Anthropology found that plants in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable soothed and natural.


For those of you who aren’t ready to start a garden, click the link below for a list of low maintenance stress relieving plants to add to your home today.


3. Get Outdoor Active

Spending too much time indoors may be adding to your stress. Give your home a break. Extended periods of time spent indoors can lead to a decrease in serotonin levels, which can lead to feelings of irritability, increased mood swings and depression.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. 

This number has probably grown over the past 2 years as a result of COVID-19, along with an increase in screen time and social media consumption. 

For a lot of households, the pandemic also means less privacy and more disagreements. Take some time outdoors to tend to your thoughts. From sitting on the porch, to taking  a short walk, to finding a local park, get you a good playlist and get outside.  If you have the benefit of living in a safe and pollutant free environment, please don’t take the outdoors for granted. It’s good for your health.

As Markham Heid of wrote:

Modern life involves cramming yourself into a series of boxes, from those with walls or wheels, to those with keyboards or queues. Freeing both mind and body from those restraints, even for a small slice of your day, may do you a lot of good. 

Read entire article at:




When it comes to de-stressing your space, whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute. There’s nothing more stressful than procrastination. 


-Coach Ell-





Sisterhood for the Black Woman

Sisterhood for the Black Woman


…Sisterhood for the Black Woman is more than friendship. It’s a safe haven from the outside world. In a society where we rarely feel seen, heard or fully protected, a strong sister circle can be life saving.

The one place that allows us to let go, unwind, let it out or just relax. A place of emotional trust. No masks or facades needed. To be vulnerable without explanation, angry without criticism and exhausted without guilt.  A place to share resources, thoughts, traumas and triumphs. A safe space to lend an ear, a shoulder, be a prayer partner,  share a laugh,  shed a tear, have a drink, take a walk or hop a flight. A support system and mini village to whoever needs it. A tribe of like-minded women who consider each others needs and respect each others boundaries. We know the value of sisterhood and we honor its essence. shares these 4 ways to Keep your Sister Circle Strong:

1. Be available… 

  • …Check in with anyone who has had a rough year, and be accessible if she wants to ditch the Christmas Eve dinner at her aunt’s house and hang out with you

2. Be understanding

  • …You may have a friend or two who are dealing with a mental health crisis during the season and not up to coming to your annual New Year’s Eve bash. Don’t be offended. Be empathetic.

3. Be forgiving

  • …Just like marriages, friendships need commitment, forgiveness, communication and nurturing to keep them healthy.

4. Be creative

  • …Just like you have holiday traditions with your loved ones, create a ritual with your girlfriends.

Click link to read in its entirety


My tribe is handpicked and top notch. I don’t take that for granted. I take personal responsibility for maintaining the health of my Sister Circles.


By blood or by bond, women who maintain solid relationships with other women live longer. It’s true. Sisterhood is good for your health. 

Black Women in particular, have historically been the most loyal, supportive and empowering group on this planet, despite the inter-generational traumas that have for centuries been inflicted upon us. It is for this reason that Solid Sisterhood for the Black Woman is so much deeper than friendship. It’s kinship, culture, connection and protection. 

The gift of Sisterhood for the Black Woman provides invaluable solace. A place to quiet the background noise.  A pause button to the world’s chaotic playlist. 


If you have a tribe of women to lean on, to learn from and to heal with, take great care. Use your words wisely and always act in love. Nourish it and watch it grow. 

Cheers to Stress Free Sisterhood! You deserve it.



-Coach Ell-



Move It or Lose It

Move It or Lose It

…Maintaining mobility is the key to healthy aging.

One of the most stressful things we can do to the body is nothing. That’s right. The Human Body was designed to move. Daily Movement is what keeps the body functioning at its best. 

Let’s go back to childhood for a moment. Most of us remember running, jumping, playing and moving every single day. Whether at home or at school, we moved our bodies and loved it. Unfortunately, as we got older, the importance of running and playing became obsolete. Far too often we spend our 20’s and 30’s chasing the “American Dream”, while our health and wellness take a back seat. We’re then left to spend our 40’s and 50’s paying for it. If only we knew then, what we know now. 

Inactivity in the U.S. is now contributing to as many deaths as smoking cigarettes. With an increase in office jobs and time spent online, we’re now facing one of the most preventable health crises of all time. 

 Research has linked sedentary behavior to an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. When people sit and are not physically active, their muscles and bones can weaken, and they are more likely to gain weight. (

The bottom line is this. If you’re not moving, you’re losing. Mobility that is…
  •  No matter how small, do something every single day.
  • Create a CULTURE of movement within the household.
  • Get everyone involved.
  • The younger the better.
  • Children need to see adults taking movement seriously.
We’re Building Generational Health and passing it along.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get into the daily practice of stretching. Walk back and forth during commercial breaks. Join a walking club. Join a gym.  Be intentional. Be purposeful. Most importantly, get up and move.

It’s less about age and more about agility. If you continue being active from adolescence through adulthood, you are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight, to reduce joint related injuries and to prevent slip and falls later in life.

If you’ve been sitting for more than 30 minutes, time to stand up.



Elderberry Season is that you?!

Elderberry Season is that you?!

…Warm weather is on its way out, and the Fall is right around the corner. We all know what that means.

Cooler nights, chilly mornings and way more coughs and sniffles. Yep. Flu Season is creeping up on us, and we do not want to be caught off guard.

 The strength of our immune system is our best line of defense.

If you’re a client, you already know my motto.


Drink like it’s Flu Season. All year long. Eat like it’s Flu Season. All year long.

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Don’t wait for the first sniffle to go looking for Vitamin C.


Protection, Preparedness and Pro-action is the mindset that keeps you ahead. Not only in health, but in all areas of life.

Now back to the Elderberry.

I LOVE elderberry for more reasons than one:

Check out this awesome list of benefits from: (

1. It’s a Natural Laxative.

It’s high fiber content gives more than 40% of your daily requirement per serving. That also means your Gut and digestive system LOVES it as well. Who knew?!

2. Immune Support.

Cold, flu and respiratory related symptoms can be lessened with elderberry consumption. Whether juice, tea or syrup, the bioflavonoids found in each serving helps to fight inflammation and also serves as an expectorant. In other words, it helps the body get rid of phlegm that can build up in the chest and throat over time. For this reason, people suffering with asthma also find relief by consuming elderberry juice, tea or syrup on a regular basis. Remember, don’t wait until your first symptom to react. Protection is the goal.

3. Heart Health.

That’s right. Due to the high fiber content, it also , through digestion helps to remove excess cholesterol, which aids in the production of HDL (good cholesterol). Anything that helps improve cholesterol levels is also improving the heart. It’s a win win.

Okay that’s enough for now. If you’re not already adding elderberry into your daily regimen, what are you waiting for?!

Ell’s Tea Room has you covered.
USE CODE: ELDERBERRY15 at checkout for 15% off 



Guide to Stress Less and Be More


You Are Who You Say You Are….

…As a contributing author to the book, Unzenable, a Guide to Stress Less and Be More, I am proud to present my small but MIGHTY contribution. Enjoy.



‘ Self-doubt, self-criticism, self-hate, regret and shame. Our greatest stressors at times are rooted in our own inability to forgive.

Who we are when no one’s looking is who needs us most.

It is important to pay closer attention not only to how we stress, but also to how we respond. The space in our brain reserved for negative self-talk, fear and insecurity must never be greater than our sense of purpose, empowerment, imagination, awareness and self-trust.

We were made to experience the brain unrestrained. Not to be caged in by our unhealed inner bodies.

While this journey requires alignment of mind, body and spirit, it also requires a shift. Re-framing how we see ourselves in the world. A stress-centered mindset gives life to a stress-filled body.

The way we think can change the outcome of our health for better or worse. Stress gone unchecked wreaks havoc on brain function, the immune system, the cardiovascular system and every major organ in the body.

There is power in manifestation. Discovering wholeness binds our connection to physical, spiritual, mental and emotional freedom. One cannot thrive without the other. Let’s go deeper.

Have the audacity to shift, re-frame and re-wire. Be intentional in all that you do. How you live, how you love, how you feel and most importantly, how you heal.

You are worth the work. ‘

Marquita Ell

Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Peace, Love and Blessings 

Don’t Take it Personal


Don’t Take It Personal…


We’ve all found ourselves taking something a little too personally and struggling to let it go. In most cases, we talk ourselves back to reality and keep it moving.

Most of us have also encountered someone who lives in a constant state of offense. They take everything personally, which makes it uncomfortable or awkward for you to spend a lot of time with them. It’s become somewhat of  a personality trait.  

Why is that? Why are some people wired differently? What causes some people to take every little thing personally? 

The Bad Habit of Being Offended by Everything from breaks it down perfectly:

The feeling of being offended happens when you think that other people are treating you disrespectfully. It could also happen if they don’t acknowledge you or what you do.


  • A feeling of inferiority. When you don’t have good self-esteem or a strong sense of self that might lead you to be offended by everything. It’s like everyone else is constantly trying to remind you that you’re inferior. But it’s really your complex about it that makes you feel that way.
  • Rigid thinking. This has to do with people who think there’s only one way to do or say things. When someone breaks away from that pattern, they feel like there’s no order and they get offended. They’re usually also very sensitive about any criticism of their beliefs.
  • Egocentrism. Making your ego too important turns you a little paranoid. You start thinking everything revolves around you and that other people are always talking about you, looking at you, or pointing at you.

It’s best to be careful about topics like religion, sexuality, and politics. They’re all things that can bring out the most sensitive sides in people, even if they’re not the type of person who’s offended by everything.

What can you do if you find yourself struggling with being chronically offended?

Re-framing before Reacting is a mindset technique that has helped countless clients of mine. Hopefully it helps you too.


Everything isn’t about you, and everything isn’t happening to you. I know that’s a hard one to hear, but it’s so important to acknowledge.  Our insecurities, ego or past experiences try to convince us otherwise. Adopting a mindset of gratitude, getting into the practice of meditation and becoming more self-aware can greatly assist in the growth process.

(examples of Re-framing before Reacting)

  • The coworker who walked by without speaking may not have been ignoring you. They may have been distracted or in deep thought.
  • The family member who didn’t return your call fast enough or at all. They may have actually been unavailable. Might’ve even forgotten to call you back. Trust me, it does happen.
  • The best friend who canceled plans or had to reschedule. They might be juggling a lot right now. No explanation needed.
  • The blind date that never called  or texted back after a seemingly enjoyable time. No worries. They may have been on the unhealed end of a relationship and not as ready as they thought to get back out there. Or, they could very well have been a rude or selfish individual. However tacky or inconsiderate,  it STILL has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Their actions are a reflection of them. Be thankful it was the first date and not the 10th. Move right along.
  • Your partner or significant other sitting in the same room in silence. They might not be giving you the silent treatment. Might just have a lot on the mind or a lot in the heart. This might be the perfect opportunity to give a kiss on the forehead and give them the room. Who knows, they might follow you and decide to open up.


  • Now let’s take it a bit deeper. If you find yourself getting offended or lost in discomfort every time someone of a different ethnicity, religion or gender shares their marginalized experiences, ask yourself why. Take a deep breath. Challenge yourself (ego) to first listen without rebuttal, and secondly to consider their experiences outside of your own. A response isn’t always needed. Especially during conversations where you don’t fully  relate to the other person. Most importantly, don’t make it about you. Self-Awareness and emotional maturity can protect personal and professional relationships from potential damage or disrepair . 

    The next time you find yourself ready to be offended, mad or frustrated, ask yourself, is this an opportunity to redirect my thoughts and energy? Most of the time the answer is yes. We’re all human, and we WILL find ourselves taking something too personally every now and again. But going through life chronically offended isn’t  good for your mental or physical health either. Remember, our issues live in our tissues.

It’s never too late to do things differently.


– Coach Ell –

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